College Corinthians AFC

Transport Policy

  1. It is a matter for parents/guardians to arrange transport to events for Children unless specific arrangements are made.
  1. Children being transported should have the express permission of parents/guardians to do so.
  1. Appropriate insurance should be in place by the driver and duties conducted in accordance with relevant legislation including the use of seat belts.
  1. Only the permitted number of passengers should be allowed.
  1. Clear itineraries for transport arrangements including collection and drop off details and contact details for the appropriate adults in charge should be provided.
  1. Club Personnel shall not allow themselves be alone with any one Child when assisting with transport arrangements.
  1. Parents/guardians have a responsibility to ensure that they are fully aware of any transport arrangements and that they are happy with them.
  1. Children should be collected promptly and it is a matter for parents/guardians to make any necessary arrangements.
  1. In the event that a parent/guardian is late for collection or drop off immediate contact should be made with the contact person involved.
  1. In the event a Child is late being collected or dropped off efforts should be made to contact the parent/guardian to make whatever other appropriate arrangements can be made.
  1. If a private arrangement is made between parents/guardians they should be aware that there are extra responsibilities placed on persons who transport players to events.

Rev 2 March 2022