College Corinthians AFC

Code of Behaviour for parents or guardians of U18 members

As a parent/guardian of a member of the club;

I will respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all other players, coaches, committee members, parents and supporters.

I will respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all other clubs’ players, coaches and supporters.

I will never intentionally make false or malicious allegations about another person.

I will never damage the property or equipment of the club or any club of which I am a guest.

I am aware that the club has set standards for the welfare and protection of all and that a Children’s Officer will be appointed to record any concerns or complaints that anyone may have in relation to club activities.

I will agree to abide by club rules and I understand that participation and enjoyment are values that the club promotes.

I am also aware that club policies and procedures are available on the Club website.

Parents / Guardians should “Lead by Example”

Parents / Guardians should never:

  • Insult players or club personnel
  • Argue with, or shout abuse at officials and they should actively discourage children or young players from doing likewise.
  • Suggest or encourage cheating, aggressive or “dirty” play.
  • Placing undue or inappropriate criticism on a player, causing the player unnecessary or unhealthy levels of stress.
  • Behave with physical or verbal aggression towards another person (actually use force or threaten the use of force).
  • Engage in any “harassment” type of behavior.

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