Matthew Healy, Cork City, presents the Under 12 Premier League trophy to Corinthian’s captain Will Pollock & coach Cathal Foley

Congratulations to all the winners at our 2022/23 season awards. Many thanks to former Corinthians player Mathew Healy, now with Cork City, who came along to present the awards. Full list of winners below.

Thanks to Denis Morley and Steve Grainger for the photos.

Schoolboys Awards

Overall Schoolboy Player Of The Year: Raymond Kiss

Corinthian BoysP.O.T.Y.Jaidee Foley
Corinthian BoysM.I.P.Ben Senga
Corinthian Boys (A)P.O.T.Y.Tomas O’ Riordan
Corinthian Boys (A)M.I.P.Maciej Strachura
Corinthian Boys (B)P.O.T.Y.Jacob Kenneally
Corinthian Boys (B)M.I.P.Brehon Spratt
Corinthian Boys (C)P.O.T.Y.Sam O’ Connor
Corinthian Boys (c)M.I.P.Luke O’ Flynn
Corinthian Boys (D)P.O.T.Y.Rory Walsh
Corinthian Boys (D)M.I.P.Daniel O’ Callaghan
Corinthian BoysP.O.T.Y.Emmet Cronin
Corinthian BoysM.I.P.Lucas Ring
Corinthian Boys (A)P.O.T.Y.Ray Healy
Corinthian Boys (A)M.I.P.Ben Murphy
Corinthian Boys (B)P.O.T.Y.Arbi Berisha
Corinthian Boys (B)M.I.P.Yosef Jordan
Corinthian BoysP.O.T.YMathew Sullivan
Corinthian BoysM.I.P.David Clarke O’ Mahony
Corinthian Boys (A)P.O.T.Y.Daithi O’ Riordan
Corinthian Boys (A)M.I.P.Odhran O’ Keeffe
Corinthian Boys (B)P.O.T.Y.Patrick Casey
Corinthian Boys (B)M.I.P.Jamie Linn
Corinthian Boys (C)P.O.T.Y.Ben Kelleher
Corinthian Boys (C)M.I.PRory O’ Sullivan
Corinthian BoysP.O.T.YConal Mc Bride
Corinthian BoysM.I.PCharlie Kelleher
Corinthian Boys(A)P.O.T.YCian Herlihy
Corinthian Boys (A)M.I.PSean Healy
Corinthian Boys (B)P.O.T.YLiam Cooke
Corinthian Boys (B)M.I.PCallum Murphy
Corinthian Boys(C)P.O.T.YJaime Romero
Corinthian Boys (C)M.I.PCiaran Barker
Corinthian BoysP.O.T.YKeelan Crowe
Corinthian BoysM.I.P.Luke Neenan
Corinthian Boys (A)P.O.T.YConor Harte
Corinthian Boys (A)M.I.P.Thomas Hayes
Corinthian Boys (B)P.O.T.YNoah Prenchard
Corinthian Boys (B)M.I.P.Leonard Cussem
Corinthian Boys (C)M.I.P.Sammy Akinwande
Corinthian Boys (C))M.I.P.C J Mc Donnell

Schoolgirl Awards

Corinthian Girls WhiteP.O.T.Y.Anna Carey / Olivia Brown
Corinthian Girls WhiteM.I.P.May Carroll
Corinthian Girls BlueP.O.T.Y.Mia Galway
Corinthian Girls BlueM.I.P.Grace O’ Connor
Corinthian Girls WhiteManager’s P.O.T.Y.
Corinthian Girls WhiteM.I.P.
Corinthian Girls BlueP.O.T.Y.Caoimhe Heffernan
Corinthian Girls BlueM.I.P.Amelie Sotiiriou
Corinthian GirlsP.O.T.Y.
Corinthian GirlsM.I.P.
Corinthian GirlsPlayer’s P.O.T.YMary O’Sullivan
Corinthian GirlsManager’s P.O.T.Y.Nadiya Yalova
Corinthian GirlsM.I.P.Teagan Kelleher

Youth Awards

College Corinthians PP.O.Y.Samuel O’Brien
Coll College Corinthians PM.I.P.Oscar Mc Carthy
College Corinthians AP.O.Y.Donnacha Mac Phaidin
College Corinthians AM.I.P.James Noonan
College Corinthians BP.O.Y.Kacper Glegola
College Corinthians BM.I.P.Adam O’ Keeffe

College CorinthiansP.O.T.YDavid Healy
College CorinthiansM.I.P.Conor O’ Sullivan

Corinthian’s Summer Camps 2024

College Corinthians are running two summer soccer camps on 4th to 6th July and 22nd to 24th August