Underage Academy section back in full swing

Soccer coaching, training and street leagues for schoolboys and girls will start back after the summer break on Saturday August 30th. The sessions, which take place predominantly on Saturdays, are open to children between the ages of five and ten.  Schoolboys are coached in the basic skills of the game with the emphasis very much on fun and enjoyment. College Corinthians AFC is widely recognised as one of the top schoolboy Clubs in the country, with excellent facilities and a very strong coaching structure. The specific times of the sessions are as follows:



12.30 pm         –           1.45 pm           –           Under 6 & 7    (2009 & 2010)


12.30 pm         –           1.45 pm           –           Under 8           (2008)


 2.00 pm          –           3.15 pm           –           Under  10          (2006)


3.30 pm       –              4.45 pm          –           Under  9         (2007)



7.00pm        –              8.15pm          –             Under 11       (2005) 



The Clubs grounds are located in the Castletreasure area of Douglas, (Top of Donnybrook Hill) and include three grass pitches and an All Weather pitch.


Under Six & Seven’s  (2008 & 2009) 

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There is always a special welcome for our six’s and seven’s many of whom are coming up to Corinthians for the first time. For coaching purposes they are split into small sized groups (average ten per group) where they are given plenty of opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves. Later in the year, our Under Six and Under Seven Street Leagues take centre stage and they are always the highlight of the Underage season in Corinthians, the games are fun filled with the emphasis very much on enjoyment. So if you were born in 2006 / 2007, why not come along, we would love to see you in Corinthians.



Registration for new members will take place this coming Saturday September 6th between 12.30pm and 2pm or at individual age group training times so If you would like to play in Corinthians, why not give it a go on Saturday or Sunday or if you would like more information about the Club, you can log on to the Corinthians website at


www.collegecorinthians.com (packed with information about our underage and schoolboys sections) or contact Terry O' Donovan at 087 / 4181881) – Coordinator

Underage section (6 to 11 ) or Neil Daly (086 / 8598907)                                                                              

Age Group Coordinators

Each Age Group has a designated Coordinator who looks after the coaching and the organisation of that particular age group, if you would like to speak to one of our Age Group Coordinators, you can do so by contacting one of the following.


Under Six  & Seven-  Neil Daly @ 086 / 8598907

Under Eight – Mark Culligan 

Under Nine  –   Terry O' Donovan 087 4181881

Under Ten – Kieran Moran 086 8768427

Under Eleven  –  Peyer Healy 086 / 8282763


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Some Brief Information on College Corinthians AFC


Ø  College Corinthians AFC was founded in 1971 by graduates of University College Cork.

Ø  In 1990 the Club set up its home base in Castletreasure, Donnybrook.

Ø  In 1994 the Club started its schoolboy section which is now recognised as one of the strongest in Cork.




Ø  The Club’s Annual Street Leagues which are run for the Under Six to Under Ten Age Groups cater for more that three hundred schoolboys and girls every year


Ø  The Club still maintains very strong links with UCC and not only do graduates join College Corinthians but in recent years a number of our Youth players have gone on to play with UCC soccer Club while attending UCC.


Ø  Last season 2013 / 14 schoolboy teams from Corinthians won all five Premier League titles from under 12 to under 16 in the Cork Schoolboys League.


Ø  This season College Corinthians will field over thirty teams at various levels including 4 Adult teams, 4 Youth Teams, 15 Schoolboy Teams 1 Schoolgirl Team, 10 Underage Teams ( Non Competitive Seven A Side Leagues ) and will cater for nearly seven hundred members

College Corinthians AFC



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