Fixtures Jan 5th & 6th

Saturday January 5th


Munster Junior League Premier Division

College Corinthians  V Douglas Hall, Main Pitch, 2pm, Room 1

Put Up Goals


Munster Senior League O’ Connell Cup

Mayfield Utd.  V College Corinthians, Mayfield Park, 2pm


Under 16 Division 2

10:00:  Corinthian Boys A  V Innishvilla,  Back Pitch, Room 1

Put Up Goals


Under 13 Premier

11.45:  Corinthian Boys  V Douglas Hall, Top  Pitch, Room 2

 Put Up Goals


Under 14 Division 6

13:00:  Corinthian Boys C  V Park Utd. A, Back Pitch, Room 3

 Drop Goals


Under 15 Premier

11:15: Mallow Utd.  V  Corinthian Boys, St. Gobnaits Park


Under 18 Premier

Carrigaline Utd.  V College Corinthians, Ballea Park, 5pm


Under 13A Friendly V Lyre, Back Pitch, Room 2, 2.30pm


Sunday January 6th


Munster Junior League  Division 1

College Corinthians Academicals V  Glasheen, Back Pitch,  10.45am,  Room 1 


Under 16 Premier Division

10:00: Corinthian Boys  V  Douglas Hall, Top Pitch, Room 2, 


Under 14 Premier Division

10:00: Blarney Utd.  V  Corinthian Boys, O’ Shea Park


Under 14 Division 1

111:45: Corinthian Boys A  V Bandon, Main Pitch, Room 3

Drop Goals


Under 14 Division 3

11:45: Macroom V  Corinthian Boys B, Murrayfield


Under 12 Premier

13:15: Carrigaline Utd.  V  Corinthian Boys, Ballea Park


Under 12 Division 1

13:15: Corinthian Boys A  V  Kinsale, Top Pitch, Room 2

Take Mobile Goals Off Pitch and onto Training Area


Under 12 Division 7

14:30: Corinthian Boys B  V  Wilton Utd. A, Main  Pitch, Room 3

Take Mobile Goals Off Pitch And Onto Training Area


Under 12 Division 8

12:45:  Avondale Utd.  A V  Corinthian Boys C,  Beaumount Park,


Under 17 Teddy Healy Cup

Castleview V  College Corinthians, O’ Sullivans Park, 2pm


Undrer 17 Super Cup

College Corinthian A V Kanturk, Back Pitch, 2pm, Room 1, 

Drop Goals


Under 13B Friendly  V Springfield Ramblers, Top Pitch, 3pm


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