Fixtures Friday August 29th to Friday Sept 5th


  SAT AUG 30


  Umbro 11 Premier

  Ballincollig v Corinthian Boys,  Regional Park,  10.30am,  Noel O'Leary;


  Umbro 11 Division 3

  Cobh Ramblers v Corinthian Boys B,  John Murphy Memorial Park All Weather, 2.00pm,


  Roy Keane 13 Premier

  Corinthian Boys v Midleton,  Top Pitch,  10.30am, Donal O'Connor;   1

  Put Up Goals


  Umbro 13 Division 2

  Carrigaline Hibernians v Corinthian Boys A,   shanbally, 11.45am, Pat Hayes; 


  Gary Comerford 15 Premier

  Corinthian Boys v Mallow United,  Top Pitch, 11.45am, Donal O'Connor;  2

  Drop Goals


    Umbro 15 Division 3

    Mayfield United v Corinthian Boys A, Mayfield Park, 12.45pm, Patrick Ryan; 


  Keane Cup
  College Cors v Leeside, Main Pitch,  (M. Moynihan),  3pm  1
  Put Up and Drop Goals

  Beamish Stout Junior League Cup
  College Cors v Cobh Wanderers, Back Pitch,  (T. McCarthy),  3pm  2

  Put Up and Drop Goals


  Under 18 League Cup

  Mayfield Utd.  V  College Corinthians;

  SUN AUG 31


  Umbro 11 Division 2

  Watergrasshill United v Corinthian Boys A, Skehanagh Park, 1.15pm, Shane O'Flynn;


  Umbro 12 Premier

  Mallow United v Corinthian Boys,  St. Gobnait's Park, 10.30am, John Moloney;   



  Umbro 13 Division 5


  Corinthian Boys B v Passage United,   Back Pitch,  10.30am, Paul Farrell;   2 

  Put Up and Drop Goals


  Umbro 14 Premier

  Corinthian Boys v Springfield Ramblers, Top Pitch, 11.45am, Paul Farrell; 1

  Put Up Goals


  Umbro 14 Division 1

  Corinthian Boys A v Kinsale,   Top Pitch, 1.15pm, Paul Farrell; ;   2 

  Drop Goals

    Under 12

    Corinthian Boys A  V  Midleton A, Main Pitch, 12 Noon 3

    Put Up and Drop Goals


    Umbro 16 Premier

    Springfield Ramblers v Corinthian Boys, John Murphy Memorial Park, 10.30am, Tim McCarthy;    






  Umbro 14 Division 5 

  Springfield Ramblers B v Corinthian Boys B,  John Murphy Memorial Park, 6.30pm,  Tim McCarthy;   


  Keane Cup
  Tramore Ath v College Cors, Tramore Park,  (J. Lyne),  6.45pm




Umbro 15 Division 3 

Corinthian Boys A v Youghal United,   Back Pitch,   6.30pm, Craig Noonan;   2 


Put Up and Drop Goals

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