Cork Schoolboys League Teams withdraw from National Cups


Statement on behalf of Cork Clubs regarding SFAI National Cup Competitions 2013/2014

It is with deep regret that the Cork Schoolboys League Clubs listed below confirm that they are unwilling to participate any further in this season's National Cup Competitions. The decision to withdraw was a unanimous decision and is fully supported by the Cork Schoolboys League.

We would like to make it clear that the decision to withdraw our teams from the competition was not taken likely and every effort was made to reach some compromise. However despite meeting with Chief Executive of the FAI John Delaney in Abbotstown on Wednesday night, unfortunately the explanation received as to why a particular region was allowed to breach Rule 2 (c) of the SFAI Rules was not acceptable.

Rule 2 (c) states that "All teams from all regions will be included in the first round draw, no seeding of teams shall be allowed."

On the basis that this Rule was not complied with by all regions we believe that the integrity of the competition has been undermined and in the interests of the children of our Clubs we will not be participating any further in a flawed and unfair competition.

However having received assurances from FAI Chief Executive John Delaney that this situation would not occur next season we look forward to participating in a fair and just competition in 2014-2015.

Corinthian Boys, Carrigaline AFC, Wilton United AFC, Mayfield United AFC, Ringmahon Rangers AFC, Buttevant AFC, Rockmount AFC, Leeds AFC, Springfield Ramblers AFC, Douglas Hall AFC, Lakewood Athletic AFC.



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