Updated Corinthians Street League Schedule For Finals Day on This Sunday June 26th

9.00am:  Under 9 (Top Pitch)

9.45am:  Under 10  (Penalty Area)

9.15am:  Under 8  (Bottom Pitch)

9.45am:  Under 11  (Back Pitch)

10.00am:  Under 7  (Bottom Pitch)

11.30am: Under 6:  (Bottom Pitch)

11.30am: Underage Schoolgirls (Bottom Pitch)    

Friend or prospective member

If you have a friend or a prospective member who would like to come along on the day to learn more about the Club, they will be more than welcome.


Please note that all schoolboys and girls will take part in their own final and everyone will receive a medal or trophy. Presentation Ceremony 12.45pm.

Lunch Bag

Each child taking part in the Street Leagues will be given a lunch bag and refreshments; Teas, Coffees, Doughnuts etc. will be available throughout the day in the Club House while outside catering facilities (Ice Cream Van, Fast Food) will also be available.

Presentation will take place at 2.30pm

We look forward to seeing you on the day



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