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Saturday November 4th

Under 11 Schoolgirls

Corinthian Girls V Kinsale, Astro, 10am

Under 13 Premier Division

Corinthian Boys V Lakewood Ath. Main Pitch, 10am, Room 1,

Put Up Goals

Under 13 Division 8

Corinthian Boys C V Kinsale B, Back Pitch, 11.15am, Room 2,

Put Up Goals

Under 13 Division 9

St. Mary Bs V Corinthian Boys D, St. Marys Park, 11.15am

U13 Premier Schoolgirls

Springfield ramblers V Corinthian girls White, Stephen Ireland Astro, 11:15am

U15 Premier Schoolgirls

Douglas Hall V Corinthian Girls, Moneygourney, 11:30am

Under 15 National Trophy

Corinthian Boys V Clonakilty, Top Pitch, 12.30pm, Room 3,

Put Up Goals

Tog Off in Room 3 before match and put gear in cars.

FAI Junior Cup

College Corinthians V Douglas Hall, Main Pitch, 2pm, Room 1,

Drop Goals 

Beamish Stout Junior Division 2

College Corinthians Acc. V Casement Celtic., Back Pitch, 2pm, 

Room 2Drop Goals

U17 FAI Youth Cup

College Corinthians V Leeds, Top Pitch, 2pm, Room 3,

Drop Goals

Tog Off in Room 3 before match and put gear in cars.

Under 17 Division 1

Riverstown A V College Corinthians A, Mayfield Community School, 2pm

Under 13 National Cup

Carrigaline Hibernians V Corinthian Boys A, Ballea Park, 2pm

U13 Division 4 Schoolgirls

Midleton V Corinthian Girls Blue, Knockgriffin, 3:45pm

Under 11 Small Sided Games

G1: Away to Kinsale

G5: Home to Park Utd., Astro, 5.15pm

Under 12B Friendly, Astro, 6.15pm

Sunday November 5th

Under 16 Schoolgirls National Cup

Corinthian Girls V Drinagh, 10am, Room 3,

Put Up and drop Goals.

Under 16 Division 1

Corinthian Boys A V St. Marys, Top Pitch, 10am, Room 2,

Put Up Goals

Under 16 Premier Division 

Douglas Hall V Corinthian Boys, Moneygourney, 10am

Beamish Stout Junior League Division 3

College Cors Ath.  V Rockmount, Back Pitch, 10.45am. Room 1,

Put Up Goals

Under 14 National Cup

Lismore V Corinthian Boys, Lismore, 11am

Under 12 Premier Division

Corinthian Boys V Lakewood Ath. Main Pitch, 11.45am, 

Put Up and take off Mobile Goals 

No Dressing Rooms available

Under 15 Division 6

Mogeely AFC V Corinthian Boys B, Railway Park, 12.15pm

Under 15 Division 7

Innishvilla A V Corinthian Boys C, Jack O’ Donoghue Park, 12.30pm

Under 13 Division 5

Lakewood Ath. B V Corinthian Boys B, Ovens, 11.45am

U14 Schoolgirls Premier Division

Corinthian Girls V Ringmahon Rangers, Back Pitch, 1pm, Room 3

Drop Goals

Under 12 Schoolgirls Premier

Corinthian Girls V Midleton, Astro, 1pm

Under 18 Premier Division

College Corinthians V Fermoy, Top Pitch, 2pm, Room 1,

Drop Goals

Under 18 Division 1

Carrigaline Utd. A V College Corinthians A, Ballea Park, 2.30pm

Under 10 Small Sided Games

G2: Home to Kinsale, Astro 2.15pm

G3: Away to Carrigaline Hibernians

G6:1: Home to Blarney A, Astro, 3.15pm

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