College Corinthians AFC

Social Media & Photographic Policy


It is expected that all Members, Club Officials, Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers will uphold the ethos of the Club in all social media interactions and use of photographic materials, including any recordings.

The Club recognises the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement to communicate with members and supporters. The Club understands that the use of Social Media helps promote football and our club if used appropriately.

This policy is aligned to the FAI Social Media Policy and applies to all Members, Club Officials, Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers of the Club.

The policy refers to all social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and covers photographic images, whether taken by mobile telephone, camera or other devices.


College Corinthians AFC respects your right to use Social Media for personal use. However, it is important to be mindful of the impact Social Media can have on others. When posting anything on line it is important to consider your connection to College Corinthians AFC and, as such, your role as a representative of the Club.

The following considerations need to be met in relation to personal use of Social Media:

  1. You are responsible for your conduct when using any form of Social Media.
  2. Your personal views should not conflict with your existing role in football. You should be aware that what you publish will be public for many years.
  3. Be mindful of the impact your contribution might make to people’s perception of College Corinthians AFC.


  1. When making use of any Social Media platform, you must read and comply with its terms of use.
  2. Do not post or forward any content belonging to a third party unless you have that third party’s consent. For example, don’t discuss colleagues, competitors, coaches or players without their prior approval.
  3. Avoid publishing your contact details where they can be accessed and used widely by people you did not intend to see them, and never publish anyone else’s contact details.
  4. When communicating with others online, keep content appropriate and polite. It is important not to engage with irate players, parents or coaches on any forum. Organise a meeting to allow all parties to discuss possible outcomes.
  5. In your role as a club official, manager, coach, volunteer etc. you should not:
    • accept any player who is under 18 as a friend on your personal Social Media page; or
    • communicate with any person under 18 through Social Media, text message, phone or email.
  6. All communications concerning under 18s should be made through parents/guardians. It is important that all communications relate to specific club matters, e.g. match fixtures, training etc.


  1. Do not use personal details to set up any Club’s Social Media page. You should, for example, use the Club’s email address. All account log-in details should be kept safe and secure to avoid possible hacking.
  2. When setting up a Club email address or Social Media page, it should be accessed by at least three administrators. These administrators should be responsible for up-loading content and monitoring posts on the site. If any of these administrators or any other person are behaving inappropriately, their access should be removed immediately.
  3. It is important to ensure everyone within the Club is aware of who is administering the Club’s Social Media pages.
  4. The content of the Social Media page should be accurate and kept up-to-date and any material that is no longer required should be removed.
  5. Each administrator should be familiar with the privacy and safety settings on their Social Media page to ensure it is for use by College Corinthians AFC only. It is essential to enable the appropriate privacy settings and avoid any inappropriate material appearing on a Club Social Media page. This ensures managing the content on the Social Media page and avoids any distress or reputational damage.
  6. Do not accept anyone under the age of 13 on the Club’s Social Media page. Report underage users to the Child’s parents or the Social Media outlet.
  7. Any user under the age of 18 looking to join a Club’s Social Media page should have provided written parental/guardian consent in advance.
  8. No images or personal information of under 18’s should be posted without prior written parental/guardian consent. It is critical that no user is asked to post any personal details of under 18’s as certain information could be used to identify or locate them.
  9. Any inappropriate use, such as bullying, is strictly prohibited and should be reported to the Children’s Officer if relating to persons under 18.
  10. Misuse of Social Media, in certain circumstances, constitutes a criminal offence and suspicious behaviour towards under 18’s should be reported to the statutory authorities.
  11. If you are unsure about something you are about to post, then you should not post it. Always consider who will be able to view it and, if in doubt, always discuss it with the Children’s Officer.


  1. There are inherent risks in posting personal information about Children as it can lead to being able to identify them and their location, or it is possible that images may be subject to inappropriate use. When posting photographs or videos, the following points should be considered:
    • It is essential that written consent is received from every Child’s parent/guardian before any photography or filming takes place.
    • Children’s names or additional detailed information about them must not accompany any image or video. Before uploading any images or videos of Children, written consent must be received from each parent/guardian.
    • Any person filming or taking photographs must be Garda vetted and must have completed a relevant approved FAI approved Safeguarding 1 basic awareness training course.
    • If a Child within the Club is under a court order or is in the care of the Child & Family Agency (Tusla/HSE), their image must not be placed in the public domain.
    • Ensure that Children are appropriately dressed and only allow images to be taken on the field of play. Photographing/filming must not take place in areas of personal privacy such as, changing rooms, showers, toilets and bedrooms.
    • Camera phones should never be allowed into Children’s changing rooms, showers or toilets.
    • If an individual who is engaged in filming/photography presents a serious concern or an immediate danger, please report the issue to the local Garda station or Tusla.
  2. If parents/guardians, professional photographers or other spectators are intending to photograph or video at any event they should also be made aware of the Policy.
  3. Specific details concerning the Policy in relation to photography and filming should, wherever possible, be published prominently and prior to the start of an event.
  4. The Club does not allow unsupervised access to Children, one to one photo sessions or video sessions outside the event or at a Child’s home.


College Corinthians AFC will continually monitor online activity in relation to the Club. Any detected breaches of this policy should be reported to College Corinthians AFC.

If detected, a breach of this policy may, following investigation, result in formal disciplinary action from College Corinthians AFC under the Club’s disciplinary procedures detailed in the Club’s Code of Conduct. A breach of this policy may also amount to breaches of other Club policies. Disciplinary action may involve a verbal or written warning or in serious cases, termination of engagement with College Corinthians AFC.

Misuse of Social Media, in certain circumstances, constitutes a criminal offence and will be reported to the statutory authorities. Also suspicious behaviour towards under 18’s will be reported to the statutory authorities.

Rev 2 March 2022