All managers/volunteers of College Corinthians AFC are advised that:

  • Any necessary physical contact should be in response to the needs of the child and not the adult
  • It should be in an open environment with the permission and full understanding of the player
  • It should be determined by the age and developmental stage of the player. You should not do anything that a child can do for him/herself
  • Coaches should not treat injuries out of sight of others. Use a “Two-Deep” (two personnel, or two players) supervision system. Only personnel who are qualified in administering First Aid or treating sports injuries should attempt to treat an injury.
  • The comfort level and dignity of the player should always be the priority. Example: Only uncover the injured area, or cover private areas of the athlete’s body.
  • Any doubts of a medical nature should be passed on to a suitably qualified medical person.
  • Coaches should not play injured players.

Comforting/congratulating players is an important part of the relationship between coaches and players. Guidelines for this type of touch are:

  • Limit touching to “safe” areas, such as hand-to-shoulder. It should not involve touching genital area, buttocks, breasts, or mouths.
  • Make your intention to congratulate or comfort clear to the player.
  • Get permission from the player before embracing them – remember that personnel are in the position of power.
  • Respect a players discomfort or rejection of physical contact.
  • Be sure that touching occurs only when others are present. 

Avoid unnecessary physical contact and never engage in inappropriate touching